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Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

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Satisfy All Your Sensory Needs!


People on the spectrum usually suffer from anxiety and stress from time to time. The best way to reduce that is to put their energy and mind into something more interesting, fun and time consuming. This Kinetic Sand is the perfect solution for reducing stress in the most artistic way ever!




  • Simulate The Brain & Improve Sensory System

    Sensory activities help in simulating the brain, creating neural pathways, and improving sensory systems. This Kinetic Sand helps with this as it is a very engaging sensory activity.

  • Improves Fine Motor Skills

    Engaging with the Kinetic Sand helps improve your child's fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are important for a variety of activities in life like shoe-tying, buttoning, among other things. Sensory play improves them by exploring things like pinching, pouring and other movements. Children with special needs require better fine motor skills.

  • Increases Self Control

    Engaging in sensory activities, creates a variety of sensory simulation. Playing with the Kinetic Sand helps develop better response to sensory simulation which increases self control for children with special needs.

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